Ramsbury Memorial Hall  |  Registered Charity Number 272112

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Terms & Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE - for Ramsbury Memorial Hall

(Registered Charity Number 272112)

1. The Memorial Hall is available for hire for lawful activities by organisations or individuals at the Trustees’ discretion. Applications from organisations outside the Parish must be made either via the Hallmaster booking facility or in writing to the chairman of the Trustees at least 14 days before the proposed date of hire, giving full details of the proposed use. A booking fee may be required to allow a credit check to be made.

2. The Trustees may, at their discretion, require a deposit for hiring the Hall at the time of the application to hire the Hall and/or any other room in which case no hire shall be considered booked until such deposit has been received. The balance due for the hire is to be made prior to the Hall being used.

In the event of a cancellation by a hirer the deposit monies will be refunded on the following basis:

- if cancelled prior to 4 weeks before the event all monies will be refunded.

- if cancelled within 4 weeks of the event 50% of all monies will be refunded.

- if cancelled within 2 weeks of the event, no deposit monies will be refunded unless the Hall is re-booked by another Hirer, then 50% of all monies will be refunded. Tariffs are set out in the Hire Charges list.

3. Payment of the Hiring fee entitles the Hirer to the use of the main hall, heating, kitchen, toilet facilities and the Hall Car Park, during the period of hire only, and includes the use of tables and chairs. Staging is available if required. Crockery and cutlery, etc. Are available on request. All equipment must be replaced in a clean condition in its original location at the end of the period of hire.

4. The Hirer shall ensure that Hall equipment is used only by those thoroughly familiar with the safe operation of such equipment and shall ensure suitable supervision of such use. Vehicles and other equipment are brought onto Hall premises at the owner’s risk. The Accident Book is located in the First Aid Kit in the kitchen.

5. Alcohol may be consumed on Hall Premises subject to prior approval from the Designated Premises Supervisor. Such approval may be requested by application on the appropriate form available from the Ramsbury Post Office.

6. The Hirer shall obtain any Licences required for the activity which is taking place during the period of hire. The Chairman of Trustees holds application forms for a Phonographic Performance Limited License if required.

7. The Hirer shall notify the Chief Fire Officer and the Wiltshire Council Licensing Officer at least 14 days in advance of any stage performance.

8. The Hirer is responsible for collecting the keys and returning them to the Post Office. The Hirer is responsible for the security of the Hall premises and equipment during the period of hire and for securing the premises after use.

9. Access to the premises before the period of hire may be obtained on request to the Hall Supervisor and subject to the convenience of others. The Hirer must ensure that the premises are vacated no later then the end of the period hire.

10. The Hirer shall nominate a safety representative for the period of hire who shall familiarise him/herself with the safety procedures and fire precautions, and who shall be responsible for any emergency evacuation of the premises. The Hirer shall ensure that the required Emergency doors remain unlocked and unobstructed during the period of use. Fire appliances and other safety devices must not be removed or tampered with. Attention is drawn to any emergency procedures that may be published in the Hall.  If required, the Hirer shall nominate a steward to assist any physically challenged Hall user.

11. The Hirer is responsible for the maintenance of good order on the premises during the period of hire. Commensurate with good neighbour policy, music or other noise MUST be kept within acceptable and legal limits. Infringement may incur prohibition from future use.

12. The Hirer shall ensure that electrical equipment, except heating controls which are preset, is switched off after use, a surcharge may be made if this is not carried out. No additional lights or extensions from electrical fittings shall be used without prior consent of the Trustees.

13. Malfunction of a Fire Exit must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Hall Supervisor or any other Trustee, and appropriate action taken to ensure the safety of Hall occupants. The kitchen access lobby provides an Emergency Exit route for occupants of the flats attached to the Hall, and must be kept clear at all times.

14. The Hirer shall ensure that the Hall is left clean and tidy after use, and that all waste generated during the period of hire is removed from Hall premises. The Trustees reserve the right to charge the Hirer an additional fee to cover extraordinary cleaning, if required.

15. The Hirer shall be liable for the cost of making good any damage caused to the Hall premises and property during the period of hire. Any damages or breakages, or equipment found to be defective, must be reported to the Hall Supervisor.

16. The Hirer shall ensure that adequate insurance is in place to cover the agreed activity. Limited insurance cover is provided by the Hall Insurance Policy, which may be viewed on request to the Chairman of Trustees. The Hirer shall indemnify the Trustees against any claim which may be made by any person in respect of loss, damage, noise, nuisance on injury to a persons or property however caused during the period of hire, and which arises as a consequence of activity taking place on Hall premises.

17. At termination of the period of hire, the Hirer shall ensure the removal of all property introduced to Hall premises as a function of the hiring unless prior arrangement has been made for the said property to be stored on the premises, when the areas designated for such purposes must be used. The Hirer indemnifies the Trustees from responsibility for the safe keeping of such property while it is so stored. The Trustees reserve the right to remove and dispose of any items remaining after any period of hire for which no agreement to store exists.

18. Smoking is not permitted inside the Hall premises

19. The use of Bouncy Castles on the Hall premises is strictly prohibited.

20. Ramsbury Memorial Hall GDPR Privacy Policy. We take privacy seriously and we are committed to protecting it. Our Privacy Policy can be found on our website, and it explains when and why we collect personal information about you, how this information is used, the conditions under which it may be disclosed to others and how it is kept secure.